Our Story

One hundred percent cotton underwear are recommended by doctors to women because they are superior in their ability to maintain good health, especially for those prone to infection. Despite that, in recent years, the availability of 100% cotton undies on the market has dwindled. Cotton blends and unbreathable synthetic fabrics have proliferated. The 100% cotton options on the market now are primarily value brands that are ill-fitting and distinctly un-pretty. For the woman who seeks 100% cotton for health reasons, but who also wants sexy, cute, properly fitting underwear, in modern cuts, there are exceptionally few options.

As one of those women, I struggled to find a product that met my needs. So in 2014, my mother Emily and I started making underwear, with great results. Together we drafted patterns and picked fun fabrics, lace, and trim, to finally get it right. Today, we are bringing this product to a demographic that remains horribly under-served, in a way that is beneficial not only to customers, but to the community.

We believe that:
Comfort and aesthetics can coexist
All brands should make clothing in all sizes
Homemade things are inherently special
Buying products made by each other is how we care for one another