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Comfortable, healthy, super-cute. Yes, you can have it all.

Did you know 100% cotton is a super-fiber when it comes to women's bodies?  Not only is it super soft and super breathable, it is clinically proven to help maintain women's health and prevent infection. And yet, almost none of the underwear on the market is 100% cotton - and what's out there is more granny panty than fun. No longer must you be super uncomfortable to feel sexy and confident in the layer closest to you. 


NO panty lines! All the style.

All FranciePants are ultra-stretchy and made with beautiful stretch lace trim on the legs and waist, providing a custom and forgiving fit, with no panty lines. We offer four styles, with a variety of coverage levels. Two are ultra low-rise and fit great on pregnant bodies too. FranciePants have the fit, style, and fun you want, all in one.  


Love the size you are today. We do.

FranciePants celebrates and cherishes all bodies in all shapes and sizes; and we design for them too. You are not just a small, medium, or large to us, but an incredible, inspiring, strong person. Check out our sizing page to discover your FranciePants size. Remember, whether you are wearing FranciePants or not - all bodies are beautiful at all sizes. Loving ourselves exactly as we are is a journey we're all on together. Choose clothes that make you feel as fabulous as you are.


Handcrafted in the US, with love.

FranciePants are made by Americans, who we pay generously to sew from home, as much or as little as they what, when they want. We call it crowd manufacturing. It allows folks to prioritize what matters to them, whether it is caring for family, organizing in their community, or starting a business.  It means every pair of FranciePants is special - not only was it handcrafted, but it provides financial security to an American family.

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The lace trim is so pretty AND invisible under clothes. It's amazing.

I didn't even notice I had them on. Even when I was moving and dancing, they didn't ride up.

Cotton underwear that are cute AND sexy!? What?? THANK YOU!