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FranciePants is pioneering a revolutionary manufacturing model.

 We call it crowd manufacturing. Like cottage industries who came before us, our Sewing Artists are contracted to make garments from home. This model offers flexible, well-paid work and financial security to those who need it. It also empowers Americans to prioritize what matters to them, whether it is caring for family, building community, or starting a business. We employ sewing artists of all backgrounds, including those who otherwise face employment challenges, including the disabled, the elderly, and returning citizens. We see crowd manufacturing as a way we can care for one another by creating large numbers of desirable jobs in an economy otherwise trending towards automation.

How It Works

Francie Pants seeks to create a sewing "Pod" in every state in the US. The Pod serves as a home base for 20-50 sewing artists who receive support and mentorship from a Sewing Leader.

The Sewing Leader provides low-cost or free sewing instruction to members of the community who are taught how to sew FranciePants. Anyone can learn how to sew FranciePants if they have a standard sewing machine.

Once certified, Sewing Artists sew FranciePants, from home, on their own schedules. Sewing Artists sew as much or as little as they like, depending on their preferences, schedules, and other responsibilities.

Sewing artists are paid generously, per garment they sew, helping families make ends meet by creating an opportunity to earn income on a schedule that works for them.