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We create 100% cotton undergarments which are not only healthy but also beautiful, so that style need not be compromised in order to care for our bodies.  Garments are manufactured and assembled in the US by members of the local community who work from home on their own schedules to earn generous and flexible side income.

We believe that:

  • Comfort and aesthetics can coexist
  • All brands should make clothing in all sizes
  • Homemade things are inherently special
  • Buying products made by each other is how we care for one another





    One hundred percent cotton underwear are always and exclusively recommended by doctors to women because they are superior in their ability to maintain good health, especially for those prone to infection. Despite that, in recent years, the availability of 100% cotton undies on the market has dwindled. Cotton blends and unbreathable synthetic fabrics have proliferated. The 100% cotton options on the market now are primarily value brands that are ill-fitting and distinctly un-pretty. For the woman who seeks 100% cotton for health reasons, but who also wants sexy, cute, properly fitting underwear, in modern cuts, there are exceptionally few options.

    As one of those women, I struggled to find a product that met my needs. So in 2014, as an adult, my mother started making my underwear, with great results. Together we drafted patterns and picked fun fabrics, lace, and trim, to finally get it right. Three years later, we are bringing this product to a demographic that remains horribly under-served, in a way that is special and beneficial not only to customers, but to the community.

    FranciePants are beautiful, embellished pairs of undies, made of premium 100% cotton fabric in all the places that matter, by members of local communities, offered in an extensive range of sizes that fit everyone, including during pregnancy. Sewing Artists are taught time-honored skills, paid a generous wage for their work, and offered flexibility to work as much or as little as they choose. This "home manufacturing" business model empowers people to take control of their careers and incomes, while balancing other priorities.

    FranciePants come in a variety of fun, exuberant, subtle, and chic prints. All FranciePants are ultra-stretchy and trimmed with beautiful stretch lace on the legs and waist, providing a custom and forgiving fit, without panty lines. Whether you prefer full bottom coverage or minimal coverage, traditional rise or low rise, there is a style option to help you look great, feel confident, express yourself, and stay healthy.

    FranciePants fit all body types and sizes well, from a traditional size 00-32 and beyond. At FranciePants, we reject traditional sizing. Instead of stigmatizing labels like XS and XL, we name our sizes (Angel, Beauty, Cutie, Diva, Edgy, and Foxy). We also have two styles, the Bikini and the Cheeky, that are ultra-low rise, which fit well and look great on pregnant bodies too.

    Here are the approximate pants sizes that will fit each FranciePants size:
    Angel: 00-4
    Beauty: 4-10
    Cutie: 10-16
    Diva: 16-22
    Edgy: 22-26
    Foxy: 26-32

    Please keep in mind these sizes are approximate. If you are not sure which size to order, order up if you prefer more coverage, or down if you prefer less coverage.