Why we're about body acceptance not body positivity

If you’re like me, you’re suffering from “body positivity” fatigue. Last week after news broke that Forever 21 was sending out Atkins diet bars with plus-size orders, I was annoyed and then slowly got angry. This marketing technique of theirs depends on several incorrect assumptions:

  1. That clothing size equates to weight
  2. That people who wear plus-size clothing are displeased with their weight/appearance
  3. That dieting leads to weight loss
  4. That weight loss is a goal
  5. That the Atkins diet is the healthy alternative to being plus-size

What really boils my blood is the fact that this type of marketing has been woven into the “body positivity” movement. On Instagram you can see posts under that hashtag, advertising weight loss teas and supplements, ways to lose fat, or body shapers. No shame to those that are into that stuff, but it is not body positive to tell people that they need to change their body shape to be loved.

Instead, I propose body acceptance or fat acceptance if you want to get more technical. There’s something about the word “fat” that make people associate the word negatively. Why? Being fat and beautiful are not mutually exclusive. Also, sidenote: you do not have to be beautiful to be valid. Your physical appearance is not a toll you have to pay in order to be treated with respect. 

What does this mean? This doesn’t mean you are a traitor if you want to lose weight or take any strides to change your physical appearance. This just means do not mock people for their personal appearance and let people enjoy things - especially their own bodies.

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Photo by Khorena Sanders


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