Cotton is our favorite summer fabric

This summer has been hot! My least favorite part of the heat, and I’m sure it’s everyone’s least favorite part, is the s w e a t. Even if it’s only 10 minutes out in the sun, I’m still drenched. I think the embarrassing sweat-uation that happens is when you get up from your seat and there’s a pool of sweat on the chair and/or sweat stains on the back of your skirt or dress. It’s the worst.

You may be surprised to learn that cotton happens to be among the best fabrics to wear in hot weather, and also happens to be the #1 recommended fabric by gynecologists to wear as underwear because it helps protect against vaginal infections. This isn’t the only reason why we chose 100% cotton fabrics to use for our underwear - this is just a nice little cherry on top.

Cotton is highly breathable and also moves moisture away from your body. Its fibers also trap air thereby protecting you from the cold in the winter and from heat in the summer.  It’s also super soft, comfy, and naturally hypoallergenic and therefore is better to wear for people with sensitive skin. 

Wishing you all a dry summer free from awkward sweating and painful chafing!

Photo credit:

Maciej Serafinowicz


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