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Low-rise Bikini

Designer: FranciePants


FranciePants fit everyone! Check out the sizing chart below to find your FranciePants size. We love the size and shape you are today.

This Bikini has full bottom coverage and an ultra-low rise, which sits comfortably below any low rise waistbands or a baby bump. The garment is stretchy, forgiving in size, and creates no panty lines.

This garment is handcrafted from healthy, breathable, soft, 100% cotton, printed jersey, as are all FranciePants. All trim is stretch lace (not cotton). 

At FranciePants, we reject traditional sizing. Instead of stigmatizing labels like XS and XL, we name our sizes. See the chart below to find your FranciePants size. If your size falls close to the border between two sizes, choose to size up if you tend to prefer more coverage.

 FranciePants Size US Standard Pants Size
Angel 00-4
Beauty 4-10
Cutie 10-16
Diva 16-22
Edgy 22-26
Foxy 26-32


Machine wash, cold, gentle cycle. Machine dry, cool.

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